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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 28, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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colgate optic white line. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon keh a suspected drunk driver is under arrest and her friend dead following a crash this morning. this happened near lee avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. bob rydell shows us police found beer cans at the site. >> reporter: san jose police have arrested the driver of that silver suv parked here at 1600 hamilton place.5,fñ this is a town home complex here in san jose. they say she's a 27-year-old woman. she's been arrested on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. if you look in the foreground there by the feet of the investigators, you can see what
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looks like a blue and silver can. police say are here on theó[ scene. another woman, who is possibly her onj,árend, also around 26 ys old, she was killed after she washw crushed by the suv that friend was allegedly driving at the time. police received a 911 call around 2:30 this morning. a person who lives in that town home, not related to the woman, heard someone crying or screaming. when police arrived, they found the driver outside the suv, the other woman lying dead in the driveway. the garage door is seriously damaged. police believe that the drive backed into it and crushed her friend in the process. one man who lived nearby was awoken by the sounds out here this morning. this is what he heard. >> all of the sudden i could hear voices. it sounded like they were coming from a lot closer than they were. i didn't realize it was going on across the street. so it sounded like a lady saying, come on, come on, come on, and it sounded like she was talking to a child.
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and it kind of kept going and going. >> reporter: it's not clear if the woman who was killed was trying to help guide her friend out of a parking spot or into the driveway when this accident happened. again, it was around 2:30 this morning. that 26-year-old woman is the 21st pedestrian to be hit and killed by a1+ vehicle in the ci of san jose so far this year. in san jose, bob rydell, nbc kba area news. an update to another drunk driving case to tell you about. this one along the peninsula where a redwood city woman is expected in court today, facing charges of driving drunk for the second time in just one year. and this m: recent case, three children lost their parents. they were walking their dog in menlo park thursday night. investigators='÷ say the 54-year-old hit the couple with their car, killing them. she had been drinking and will face charges of dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. just in to our news room,
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penn state says it is paying almost $60 million to 26 men who were children when they were sexually abused by former football coach jerry sandusky. the school says 23 deals are fully signed. the other three are agreements in principle. penn state said the day sandusky was convicted last year of 45 criminal counts, it was determined to compensate his victims. sandusky maintains his innocence and is seeking a new trial while he serves 30 to 60 years in state prison. back here in the bay area, celebrity chef guy fieri is expected to take the stand today. he's expected to testify against max wade. he's accused of stealing fieri's yellow lamborghini in march of 2011. wade is also on trial for a separate incident from 2012 when prosecutors say he shot into an occupied vehicle. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure
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out what started a fight that ended with police shooting a gunman. police were called to the marina district to break up a fight between two men yesterday afternoon. witnesses told police they saw one man pistol whipping the other man with a silver handgun. then they say the suspect shot at the victim several times. it's unclear if he was injured. the suspect ran away, but when police caught up with him in a high-end neighborhood, they say he pointed the gun at them. >> and then i heard gunshots. i knew it was gunshots because i saw police with their guns out. there was about six shots. then i decided to run into the house. i didn't want to be collateral damage. >> several officers fired their weapons, but it's still unclear if the suspect was hit more than once. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. this morning, vallejo police are searching for a gunman who killed a teenager and wounded seven other people. the shooting happened saturday night on princeton drive, a
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normally quiet part of north vallejo. police say four cars filled with people from south san francisco were headed to a party in vallejo when one of the im:' gt a flat tire. everyone pulled over and got out to help the driver. well, that's when police say a white suv with tinted windows drove by and someone from inside opened fire. >> i was in the living room, and i just heard a big boom. i came outside, and there was just people trying to fix their broken wheel. i went back in the house, and i just heard, like, 20-some gunshots. i just stayed in the house. >> when police got to the scene, they found a total of five victims, one of them a 19-year-old who died at the scene. three others later showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds. those other seven people are expected to survive. now, police in sacramento are looking for answers this morning after a drive-by shooting there outside a halloween party that killed one person and injured six others.
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so far there are no arrests, but investigators say the promotors of saturday night's party could face charges. the party was held in a recording studio that was turned into a nightclub, and the promotors did not have the proper permits. the victims were leaving the party when someone in a passing car opened fire. >> he pulled out his gun and started shooting. that was all i seen. everybody was just scattered. it was horrifying. you knowg shot. we seen everything -- we seen them fall back completely. >> the six other people injured in the shooting are expected to survive. in the north bay now this morning, emotions are still running high in santa row issa following the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. hundreds of people gathered yesterday to pay their respects to andy lopez. last week a sonoma county sheriffs deputy shot lopez seven times, killing him. lopez was carrying a replica gun designed to look like an ak-47
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assault rifle. authorities say lopez did not follow orders to drop his weapon, and instead raised the barrel of the replica gun toward deputies. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation. in the east bay now, the alameda county sheriffs office is investigating a senior care facility accused of abandoned 14 patients. authorities say patients at the valley springs manor nursing home in castro valley were left with only a cook, a janitor, and a caretaker for two days last week. the rest of the employees left after the state ordered the facility to temporarily shut down. the remaining workers eventually became alarmed and called the sheriffs office. state officials say the owner of the nursing home also ownsf&d t facilities in oakland and modesto. those facilities were shut down last week as well. if a san francisco supervisor has his way, get ready to pay more for sugary drinks like soda. the plan is to increase the tax
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on those drinks and use)-r that money to fight childhood obes y obesity. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco. other cities have tried to implement a soda tax just like this. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. if this were to pass in san francisco, you'd pay a 40-cent tax on a soda this size, assuming it were all the way full. now, as you said, these types of taxes have failed before, even right here in the bay area. supervisor scott weiner thinks this time will be different here in san francisco. that's because he believes that san francisco voters would be willing to tax the drinks if they know thath@$ proceeds go toward programs that help keep kids healthy. the proposal is a tax of two cents per ounce on sugar-sweetened drinks. he said there's clear evidence there's a link between these types of drinks and obesity and type ii diabetes. a recent poll shows $x68% of californians would support a tax if it went to fitness and nutrition in schools, youth, and
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after-school programs. that's what this would do here in the city, bring in an estimated $31 million. in richmond, a similar tax was defeated last year. now it's san francisco's turn. >> the beverage industry will definitely fight this measure. they fight it every0éuz it comes up anywhere. we expect that. but the fact is this is a basic public health measure just like we tax cigarettes because they cause a lot of health problems. cigarette manufacturers fought that tooth and nail, every step of the way. this is an important step forward for public health. >> reporter: now, the tax would not apply to things like diet soda, natural juices, milk, baby formula, or medical drinks. you may recall new york mayor michael bloomberg tried an all-out ban on sugary drinks that were over 16 ounces, but the court stopped that. i asked weiner about that, and he thinks that ban is just too restrictive. this is going to be introduced tomorrow. there will be public hearings so you can weigh in.
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the board has to decide whether they'll proceed. if they do, it could be on the ballot by next november. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. down to southern california we go now. conrad murray is a free man this morning. the doctor convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the death of michael jackson is out after serving two years of a four-year sentence. nbc's jennifer bjorkland is outside the l.a. county jail with more. >> reporter: the media descended on conrad murray's lawyer when word spread her 60-year-old client had been released. even she didn't know how. >> did you see him leave in a police escort? i didn't. >> we got information -- >> probably to avoid all of you. >> reporter: a sheriffs spokesman didn't elaborate. >> he was released safely. he's no longer part of the l.a. county jail system. >> reporter: his lawyer says she's grateful murray was able to sidestep the cameras outside. >> i know he's out safely.
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i'm greatly relieved. i'm thrilled because i know first hand how horrific this has been, what an ordeal it's been. >> reporter: murray was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter for giving je ining jackson a de of propofol, a surgical anesthetic that the singer used to fight insomnia. murray insists jackson dosed himself the night he died and plans to appeal his conviction and start the process toward getting his medical licenses reinstated. murray's lawyer says he's been in excellent spirits and has been looking forward to seeing his girlfriend and his 4-year-old son, but mostly looking forward to clearing his name so he can practice medicine again. nbc news, los angeles. still to come, the childhood home of late apple co-founder steve jobs is up for a very special designation today. we'll explain next. twitter gets one step closer to an ipo. we'll have the latest on the hottest san francisco company coming up in business and tech. also a major storm blows
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through europe, causing serious damage. now cities are just starting to pick up the pieces. mean while, we have to deal with our own wind event here in the bay area. 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts through the altamont pass. we'll let you know whenw5 the wd gusts subside and shower chances increase when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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welcome back. be installing a digital billboard along highway 101. tonight at 7:00, the city will consider a plan to install the billboard on city-owned property at the end of colorado avenue. the billboard is expected to bring in as much as $1 million a year. the proposal would also change would be theh@wñ only digital s allowed within city limits. right now you may know this. there's a digital sign across the highway in east palo alto. this is a live look at that digital sign. some drivers complain digital signs are distracting and
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increase the risk of crashes. tonight the los altos historical commission will decide whether to bestow a special designation on steve jobs' childhood home. they're considering declaring the 61-year-old california ranch style home a historic resource. that would essentially add another layer of review if renovations to the home are sought. the house is historically significant because it's where jobs and apple co-founder steve wozniak built the first 50 apple one computers in 1976. jobs moved into the house with his foster parents in 1968. investors, meanwhile, hoping apple will make a little history with record sales of its newest iphone. scott mcgrew, apple report was profits this afternoon. many people curious about these numbers. >> good morning to you. apple reports profits after the closing bell today with growing questions aboutzk dividends a that iphone 5c. c stands for color or cheap,
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depending on who you ask. apple invented the device to better compete in the developing markets, but critics have said it's still to expensive, even for developing"jv markets. some published reports say apple has cut back on manufacturing it. carl icon, meanwhile, pushing apple to buy back more of its stock and increase the dividend payout to investors. let's talk about twitter. twitter continues its road show today. on friday, they posted this video. a multimedia presentation for interested investors. the road show slide show. very straightforward, educating investors as to what twitter is. twitter in its second day of 7 today. as to what twitter is. we do expect them to start trading sometime next week. back to you. >> thank you, scott. with the rim fire in yosemite now fully contained, we have a much better idea of what several bay area family camps plan to do in the future.
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contractors have completed erosion control and testing for hazardous materials at this camp site. they're now working on a master development plan to submit to the u.s. forest service this fall. until then, they are checking out a number of possible temporary sites for next summer's camp. part of the san jose
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nbc's jim maceda has more. >> reporter: well, here in portsmouth on england's south coast, the storm nicknamed stormageddon hit overnight and ñ moving on pre, northeast across great britain. the rain has died down. as you can see, the sun is out, but winds are still pretty strong. there have been gusts elsewhere of hurricane strength, up to 99 miles per hour. but in broader terms, britain does seem to have dodged a bullet this time, though there have been major disruptions to millions of monday morning commuters. some trains and ferries have stopped service until later in the day. heathrow airport has canceled dozens of flights and fallen trees and power cables have blocked a number of major roads. many britains are heeding the warnings; and staying at home work on their laptops. bottom line, the british government this time warned people days in advance. they had a very good plan in place. that does seem to have minimized the loss of life and damage.
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back to you. >> looked like jim had9vé to f the wind. >> like what many people in the bay area experienced overnight.& serious wind gusts. did you feel it? >> yeah, oh, my gosh. it was pretty intense out there. let's actually start with some video. i want to give you an idea of what some drivers were faced with. look at this. an overturned big rig. this is through altamont, where we had the fiercest wind. the hills were really getting whipped with that wind. we woke up with wind-battered bay area parts. i can tell you right now as we head throughout the day today, those winds have dropped off. now our focus is shifting entirely to the potential for some rain3leñ showers. you want ton!+ñ keep that in mi this afternoon. you might be pulling out that umbrella. let's talk about that fierce wind because weåon't usually get events like this here in the bay áarea. 75 miles per hour, just to put things in perspective, category 1 hurricanes start at 74 miles an hour. caught a lot of drivers off guard. now we're dealing with better
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conditions. a lot of sunshine for the bay area. those winds have really dropped off. right now mostly in the single digits. the highs today are going to be cool, as cool air trails behind that front. 59 degrees on the way to fremont. 60 in redwood city. let's talk about those showers. they could actually impact people as we head throughout this evening. halloween is looking good. get that right out of the way for you. you don't have to worry about showers on halloween. we are expecting a little bit of activity. mostly as we head between about 5:00 p.m. tonight and 10:00 p.m. tonight. then we're going to wake up tomorrow morning with some thick fog and also another cold day on tap. we'll see the sunshine return tomorrow afternoon. then things really start to change. look at our numbers. they're going to climb nicely. halloween looks good, 77. it's that time of year again. don't forget, we set those clocks, fall back on saturday night into sunday morning. this is the one if you don't do it, you're going to be late to work. back to you, marla. >> always so nice you get that
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extra hour of sleep. thanks, christina. still ahead, the niners taking care of business across the pond this weekend. we'll tell you why the team may look a little different after the bye week, coming up.
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welcome back. the 49ers will spend the next couple weeks resting up after a busy trip across the pond. they're on a bye this week and won't take the field again until november 10th against the panthers. yesterday the 49ers taking care of business at wembley stadium in london, rolling over jacksonville. the niners scored a touchdown on their first four drives to cruise to an easy 42-10 win. and more good news. wide receiver mario manningham could be healthy enough to play his first game of the season after the bye week. and the raiders fresh off their bye week made a little history yesterday.
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scrimmage, quarterback terrell pryor keeps it himself and takes it all the way to the end zone. that's a 93-yard touchdown run. the longest run in raiders history and the longest by a quarterback in nfl history. the raiders beat the steelers 21-18. they'll take on the eagles atgl coliseum sunday afternoon. and to the world series where things are tied up at 2-2. the cardinals looking for some late-inning magic, but colton wong gets picked off at first base. red sox win 4-2. game five is tonight inede st. louis at 5:00. well, still to come, a wedding that reaches new heights. we'll show you what we mean right after the break.
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all right. for better or worse, most
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wedding stories tend to focus on the bride, but not this one. this is because the groom is the world's tallest man. look at this. he tied the knot over the weekend in turkey. his name is sultan kosan. he's 8'3". you'd think his bride is tiny. she's actually 5'9". that's a giant in my book. he was recognized as the world's tallest man by guinness world records in 2009. in fact, a guinness representative attended his wedding. so he's turkish and she's actually from neighboring syria. he told journalists that she is the love of his life. >> she's a brick house. that's for sure. >> 8 -- thank you so much for being with us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. you can always get the latest information online at have a great day, everyone. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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